Women's Fiction



The Uncanny Life of Polly

Polly writes chick lit and her debut novel is a worldwide bestseller.  However, something strange starts to happen when she gets back from an international book tour.  Polly finds that instead of art imitating life, her life starts to imitate art – or rather, her novel.
She arrives home to find her husband in the arms of the maid.  Wasn’t that in Chapter Three of her book, Happily Ever After? 
Her best friend is having an affair with her husband, too, and is pregnant!  Isn’t that in Chapter Four?
Then she meets a bronzed Greek and embarks on a passionate love affair.  Wasn’t that in Chapter Seven? 
Will anyone believe her life is mirroring her novel?
Can she prevent the ultimate tragedy or must the book play out, precisely as she wrote it, to the bitter end?

Her agent recommends that Polly go and live Happily Ever After on Fiji on the proceeds of her book, and keep away from drama!