The Emberton Brothers Series



The Spice Bride

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With three ships sunk in one year by NapolĂ©on’s navy, Richard Emberton is desperate to save his spice importation business.
While collecting his daughter from boarding school in England, George Hayward is on the lookout for a new exporter for his spice plantation in India.
With benefits to be reaped by both sides, Richard agrees to marry the plantation owner’s daughter.
Certain that her chance at love is being sold to the highest bidder, Grace Hayward feels little more than a slave and is determined she will never be happy again.

With such an inglorious beginning, can love flourish?

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The Suitable Bride


Edward Emberton’s sights are on Parliament. He even dares to dream of being Prime Minister of England one day.
What he needs is a suitable bride to elevate him in the right circles; her being beautiful would be beneficial.
Frances Davenport’s sights are on Edward. He is climbing the ranks of English society and she wants what he can give her. However, her beguiling beauty comes with its own set of problems.
Edward is about to discover Frances is not as suitable as he would have her be…



The Reluctant Bride


Louis Emberton wanted nothing more in life than to have fun and to live off his brother, Richard’s fortune.
However, his loose-living, and wild ways are about to get him into a complicated situation.
His only redemption is to marry a good, steady girl of impeccable reputation.
Martha Coleman knows all about Louis. She was practically raised with him and despises him.
After her father’s death, Martha knows she has no choice and would be a fool not to marry into the Emberton family. Nonetheless, she is more than reluctant to do so…