The Emberton Brothers Series



The Spice Bride

With three ships sunk in one year by Napoléon’s navy, Richard Emberton is desperate to save his spice importation business.
While collecting his daughter from boarding school in England, George Hayward is on the lookout for a new exporter for his spice plantation in India.
With benefits to be reaped by both sides, Richard agrees to marry the plantation owner’s daughter.
Certain that her chance at love is being sold to the highest bidder, Grace Hayward feels little more than a slave and is determined she will never be happy again.
With such an inglorious beginning, can love flourish?

***Please note this is a CLEAN Romance***



The Suitable Bride

A seemingly suitable match...

Edward Emberton wants to be Prime Minister. He has a passionate vision for the future of England, which includes the abolition of slavery. As the son of a tradesman, his journey to Parliament has been a difficult one, but there is only one thing left to cement this foothold on the steps to Parliament – a suitable bride. She must be of noble birth, reasonable intelligence, mild temperament, and extraordinary beauty.
Frances Davenport is most of those things. And a suitable marriage to Edward isn’t only the answer to her prayers; it’s a way to keep her secrets. Edward is handsome, driven, and better still, enchanted by her beauty. It’s more than a suitable match; it couldn’t be more perfect.
But appearances are often deceiving, and Frances’ beguiling beauty comes with its own set of problems. Edward and Frances are about to discover that there’s more to marriage than suitability because neither is as suitable as they seem…



The Searching Bride

Louis Emberton, the youngest of the Emberton Brothers and now an ordained minister of the Church of England, is eager to find his place in the world. Returning home to Emberton Hall finds him falling feet first into presiding over the endless circle of life--and into a new awareness of a childhood playmate grown into a beautiful woman.

Martha Coleman was ever on the fringes of the Emberton family--a beloved goddaughter and friend but never quite belonging. Despite her devotion to her father, she feels the need to distance herself from Great Oakley, putting behind the hurts of the past and seeking her own path. Louis’ return forces her to rethink the positions of the brothers in her heart.

But when the pressures of life get bigger and more demanding, will they be pulled from the world they know? Or will they discover that the life and love they've searched for has been within reach all along?

The Searching Bride – the third in The Emberton Brothers series: a clean and wholesome Regency Romance novel, full of history, fun, and romance.

Acclaim for the series:

***** Amazon Review - “Karen Aminadra has skilfully written a Regency romance that is much more than just a romance. This is a true historical novel, one which draws you in with drama, intrigue, emotions, even some fabulously well-crafted moments of shock. Rather than being a simple narration of what happens to two young people in an arranged marriage at this period of time, we are treated to the most intimate thoughts of both Grace Haywood and Richard Emberton as they prepare for marriage and their lives together, in a style that is both well-crafted and has flair.”

***** Amazon Review - “The storyline itself is fraught with a delicate thread of tension from start to finish, making even the scenes where everything seems fine filled with an edge of drama. There were so many times I was sat on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat, wanting the characters to say or do something to prevent the inevitable.”