Thursday, 24 August 2017

A little taste of CHOSEN

I thought I'd taunt you today with a little taste of CHOSEN, the new manuscript I am working on.

I love the idea of now turning my hand to my beloved science-fiction. In this case, to dystopian sci-fi!

I hope you enjoy it.


“I suppose you’ve heard the latest, George,” Jake looked up and watched two people he knew were his neighbours calling to each other across the patio as though they were the only people there. He’d seen them from time to time and was sure they lived at the opposite end of the street to him.
“Heard what?” George barely looked up from his plate of shrimp salad.
“The propaganda that the Unified Australasian-African Alliance are spreading about the United States of Euricia.”
George sighed. Jake didn’t know if the man was interested or as tired of the war as he was. George rolled his eyes. “What crap are they trying to sell to people now?”
“Apparently they are telling everyone that Paris has fallen.”
Jake jumped at the roar of laughter that ricocheted around the patio area. It seemed everyone was now listening in to their conversation.
“Paris? Fallen?” George laughed with little bits of marie-rose sauce in the corners of his mouth. “No one would believe that. Paris is a military hub in this province of Euricia.”
“Well, that’s what they are saying on the web.” Harris, the neighbour who started the conversation shook his head.
“You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web, Harris!” someone called out from behind Jake.
“The problem with The UAAA is that they are desperate. The Russians are with us, the old European Union is with us, and the old United States of America are with us. They are desperate. They have to give their supporters something to grasp hold of.”
“So, it’s true then?” Harris’ wife, Deirdre asked. “We are winning the war.”

“Of course we are.”

© 2017 Karen Aminadra. All Rights Reserved.