Thursday, 14 April 2016

Preorder links for The Spice Bride!

As promised here are the preorder links I have for The Spice Bride!

It's so exciting to have a new book coming out after so long, let alone it being the first of a trilogy!

I will add more links to this list as and when they become available.

(These links are 'intelligent links' which take you immediately to the online store in your country rather than you having to trawl through lists of links to find the one you want! :-) Simply click on the icon below of your preferred store!)

PS - The Spice Bride will also be available in paperback! I will post links for that as soon as it becomes available too!  xxx

Please go ahead and share this post everywhere! Google+ it, tweet it, facebook it... however you want to share, please do!

Together we can get the word out about The Spice Bride!!

Happy Reading!