Friday, 29 January 2016

Making progress....

Yes, it's true!  I am writing again! 27,000 words....phew!
Here's a taster :-D

More and more men lined the streets and stared steely at the convoy. Not one of them said a word although many spat on the ground in disgust as Guy rode past. He did not care. He was immune to such things. On his mind was the victory of having the castle bestowed upon him by King Edward, and the cold desire of revenge in his heart. He watched them from the corners of his eyes, burning each face into his memory. Insurrection... was his greatest enemy now, he knew a tight iron grip would be needed to rule this rabble, and he had more than a few ideas on how he would do so. His grasp tightened on the reins. He would immediately strike at any man who dared speak out or act against him. He would show no mercy.
The deathly silence punctuated by only the sounds of marching and the horses’ hooves was nearly deafening. Edmund shifted uncomfortably in the saddle beside him as he rode along. “Quite a welcoming committee.”
Guy laughed through his nose but did not reply. What had they expected; the villagers to be waving palm fronds and to line the streets with rose petals? They had every right to stare at them with as much burning hatred as he felt for them—it was mutual. He doubted he would ever find a friendly face in Scotland, save it be an English one.

(Unedited) © 2016 Karen Aminadra