Monday, 30 November 2015

Feelin' Crafty!

This autumn/winter I am feeling rather crafty!

No, I am not hatching some dastardly plots, other than the ones in my manuscript that is. I have turned my hand to crocheting and knitting!

It is so relaxing. But therein lies a problem... it's so relaxing that I may end up knitting and crocheting everything in my home!

I've already knitted bed socks for myself and my hubby, a pair of wrist warmers, a small blanket, and I'm working on a bed spread.  A tea cosy is in the offing too! ;-)

My friends are sending me knitting patterns on Facebook and I was even given some gorgeous wool for my birthday! 

It's great fun teasing friends by telling them I'm going to knit them undies for Christmas! ;-)

So, talking about Christmas, I've decided to go for a 'crafty' look on the tree. Handmade decorations and strung popcorn!  It's so much fun making these things! I'm even making an angel to sit on the top! :-D

Take a look at these brilliant ideas. They are ideal if you aren't so great with your hands but still would love to make some things this Christmas!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Face/palm or head/desk?

To face/palm or head/desk....that is the question!

I have been absent. Did you notice at all? LOL
Well, for those of you who have noticed it was because I was daft enough to lose my password.  Yes, I am the Leek of the Week! ;-)

As you can see, I finally managed to log in, despite the fact that I used this password repeatedly.... blogger glitch, or my own personal leakiness?
I'll leave you to decide that!

So now.... face/palm or head/desk?  ;-)

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog-hop! Hooray!

Have a great week! 

K xxx