Thursday, 18 July 2013

Writing, headaches, and melting!

It's been ages since I posted, hasn't it?
Why is that? I hear you cry!

Well....  we in the UK, like a lot of countries this year, are experiencing a heatwave.   It's been an unusually hot July.
So, I've been ensconced in my room, with the fan on full-blast, writing away, dealing with headaches and melting.  Literally.

This weather, as you can imagine, is not good for productivity.  I'm not writing as much as I usually do and it always frustrates me when I'm not writing as much as I want to!

It's been too hot to sit outside for long - so unfair!  Last year we had a terrible summer and this year it's too dangerous to sunbathe for long *sulk*

If you've never been to the UK then you won't know how humid it is here in the summer - it's a nightmare.  I think I've had a headache for 4 days now!
If we could just tow the UK southward to just off the west coast of France, that would be great! ;-)

I hope you're coping with the weather!  Happy Summer! xxx

Here are some photos of the UK sweltering under this hot sun! :-)

This was the scene on Brighton beach last weekend

Temperatures from 31 and surprisingly 40 Celsius (88 - 104 F)