Thursday, 9 May 2013

Author interview - Meet Caroline Levy!


Today it is my great pleasure to be able to interview the lovely Caroline Levy about her debut novel Welcome To The Family!

Firstly, congratulations, Caroline, on the launch of your first novel Welcome to the family! 
It’s a fantastic sounding novel and I can’t wait to read it. 
Hi Karen. *waves* and hello to all your lovely readers.
Thank you so much for welcoming me over here today.
It’s an exciting time for me, and having so many wonderful people take such an interest in Welcome to the Family is fantastic. J

Where did the idea come from?  What inspired you to write it?
Welcome to the family started as a very short story for an assignment I was completing. The outline was, tell us about your first day at a new job. Angela was born in this short piece. Looking back, it was terrible lol I just can’t write short stories.

How long did it take to write?
I started Welcome to the Family as the novel back at the end of July 2012 and I had finished the first draft by the beginning of December 2012. So five months in total for the first draft. Have to be honest the first couple of months I dabbled at writing it as I never really thought I would reach my end goal. *hangs head in shame*

What was your work schedule like when you were writing? 
I work twelve hour nights on a rota basis, to be able to pay the bills. So my writing time is as and when I can grab five minutes. I invested in a tablet that now comes everywhere with me. So if I have ten minutes I will be there typing away for sure J

Do you have any little writing quirks?  Is there anything that you have to do before and while writing?

Hmm. Good question. I am a total coffee addict so I normally have a coffee within reach. But apart from that I have to have quiet while writing. When I edit I play music and lately it’s been all Muse. Drove my daughter mad lol  

Tell us about the research that went into this book.

Research can be fun, Welcome to the Family is a total work of fiction so everywhere is totally from my characters and me J
I did get to research hot men, was a terrible burden... but I managed to survive 

Tell us about Angela, your main character – what do you like most about her and what do you dislike about her?

Angela is a strong minded young woman, who has grown up in a harsh world. She finds it hard to trust anyone but at the same time longs for the familiarity of family.
I love the fact she is independent and a little stubborn. At the moment there isn’t really much I can say I dislike about her.  I do worry she will shut out people, for the sake of staying independent, but will have to see what happens J

Tell us about the mysterious Jack – what do you like most about him and what do you dislike about him?

Jack is a relatively young vampire, at 190 he is one of the younger Topline managers. However he is quite self-serving. He owns a restaurant along with a night-club plus strip club that he frequents regularly.  He has a rule that he doesn’t date other vampires, so when he volunteers to help Angela through her change, you have to wonder what’s in it for him. He is as sexy as anything, and he can have any woman who comes onto his radar. Angela is human when he first meets her and she intrigues him. One of his tricks is to visit you in your dreams and yes he sneaks into hers with smouldering results... 

Will Welcome to the family be part of a series?  Can you tell us more about your plans for or thoughts for the series?

Yes Welcome to the Family is part of a family saga. Part two Protecting the family will be out hopefully at the end of the year.

What are and who are The Family?

The Family are the vampire community. However there are more than just vampires and were-animals going bump in the night. But you will have to wait for the other members to be revealed J

Of those in The Family, who is your favourite and why?

Hmm... *scratches head* that is such a difficult question to answer. I do like Archie... he is such a mystery even to me, he keeps his secrets locked away tight.

If you could describe the book in 5 words, which would they be?

Intriguing, Provocative, thrilling, intense & SEXY!!!

If a film was made of Welcome to the family, which actors would you chose to play the characters?

Wow, that’s a really hard one to answer.
Angela- Kristen Stewart,  Jack- Alex Pettyfer,  and last but by no means least... Dorian- Paul Walker

How long have you wanted to be a writer and what was the first thing you can remember writing?

I have wanted to write in forever. I can remember being about ten and there was a competition at school. We all had to have a go at writing a new school song. Each year had to make up a different verse, with one being picked for each year. I was the one picked for my year. Was very pleased with myself lol.

Where do you see yourself as a writer in 5 years?

Still writing, I love it. I hopefully have two more books being released this year J And it’s only onwards and upwards from there.

Is there anyone who inspires your work?

My hero is Laurel K Hamilton. She writes the best puppy piles ever J
I have been very lucky to make some very good friends, who are Authors as well. Look them up. They are the M-7 girls. They are a very talented bunch. They have helped me no-end. They inspire me every day <3

What projects are you working on now?

I am working on a werewolf novel at the moment, called Nikki’s Revenge. All being well it will be out later this summer.

And finally, back to Welcome to the family, in two sentences sell us the book.

Angela always dreamed of the family that left her behind. Once she discovers where she belongs, will it be a dream come true, or a nightmare with cataclysmic results?

I would just like to say, many thanks to Karen and your followers. I hope you enjoy Welcome to the Family as much as I loved writing it J

You're very welcome Caroline - It's been a pleasure chatting to you about your fantastic new book!

So, if you're like me and you now cannot wait to get your hands on Welcome To The Family you can do so at the following links...

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