Friday, 5 April 2013

Work in Progress: Update!

Hello all!

It's great to see the sun shining again, isn't it?

I have an update for you all.

As I near the end of draft one, I have engaged a cover artist from MoonRoseCoverDesigns! :-D  I am so excited.
We've chatted a lot about what I would like and about the book, and she said she would come up with some draft images for me to peruse asap!
So, I should get those about the same time that I am beginning the first run through of the finished MS - fingers crossed, eh?!

I've included a link to MoonRoseCoverDesign's website HERE - however, I know that some of the covers they've done aren't on there!  Maybe I've seen things I shouldn't have! :-O  haha

Anyway, happy Spring to you all!
Karen xxx