Tuesday, 30 April 2013

LUCIUS: The Fallen - Author Interview

LUCIUS: The Fallen

Today I have the HUGE pleasure of interviewing Tara S. Wood on the release of her novel LUCIUS: The Fallen, which she penned with Lorecia Goings.  

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Firstly, congratulations on the launch of your novel Lucius.  It’s a fantastic concept.  
Where did the idea come from?  What inspired you to write it?

I honestly don’t remember. The first line of the book popped into my head, and it sort of evolved from there.

How did you both go about writing this together?  And was it difficult to co-author a book?

I approached Lori and got her opinion on the overall concept. She loved it and had some great ideas, so it was only natural to absorb her into the project. As for being difficult - not at all. It was far too easy. We’ve known each other for almost twenty years, so there was no apprehension, no pressure. We work extremely well together.

How long did it take to write?

The first draft took around 8-9 months.

What was your work schedule like when you were writing?  

We broke it down scene by scene and divided it up to write when we could. There were lots of Friday nights at Denny’s. No talking, just furious scribbling. It’s a method. LOL.

Do either of you have any writing quirks?  Things that you have to do/have before and while writing?

Neither of us can write in order. I need a loose plan or outline. She hates to outline. We had to figure out how to keep each other and the story on track. We were able to rock out a method that works for both of us. Let’s hope future projects go as smoothly.

Tell us about the research that went into this book.

A little into angel lore and ancient religions. We tried to keep things under a basic Judeo-Christian umbrella that we felt people would be familiar with. From there, we used some creative licence to expand upon the parameters. I think we’ve created something interesting.

Tell us about Lucius – what do you like most about him and what do you dislike about him?

What I love about him is also what I dislike about him. I love that he’s trying so hard to make sense of things and keep going, but I hate that he’s so hard on himself at the same time. Poor guy needs to give himself a break. He could use a hug. Maybe a kitten.

Tell us about Persephone –  what do you like most about her and what do you dislike about her?

I love that her heart is so open and she’s so genuine. She’s far too trusting, and that gets her into trouble. Girlfriend needs to slow down and stop and think sometimes.

I notice that  Lucius is part of a series.  Can you tell us more about your plans for or thoughts on that series?

We’re planning on a book for each of the angels. *whispers* Possibly one for Lucifer. *shifty look around* Don’t tell him. At this point, I don’t think it would go over well.

What is or who are The Fallen?

The Fallen are a group of fallen angels charged by God to slay demons on Earth. They are: Lucius, Jude, Elijah, Mordecai, and Domniel.

Of The Fallen which is your favourite and why?

You really can’t expect me to answer that, can you? *lowers voice* They’ll hear. And then all the explaining! Do you know what Jude’s frown can do? And Domniel? UGH. Okay....but if asked directly, I will deny everything. *squeezes eyes shut* Jude. Jude’s my favorite. He’s so damaged, so broken. I just want to squeeze him and shout, “MY LOVE WILL FIX YOU!” *sigh* But I know it doesn’t work that way. There are plans for Jude. There are plans for all our boys.

If you could describe the book in 5 words, which would they be?

Inventive. Engaging. Hot. Sexy. Awesome.

If a film was made of the series, which actors would you chose to play the characters?

Oh, this is a TERRIBLE question. Invariably, Lori and I will disagree, I’m sure. And people who read the book may sit back and say, “That’s not who I pictured at all.” But here goes....if I had to cast this, I would choose Daniel Craig for Lucius. *pauses* I may need a moment. *long pause* Okay. I’m good. Jude’s a hard one. In my head, the closest I can come up with would be Chris Hemsworth. I would definitely want Matthew Gray Gubler for Elijah and Cillian Murphy for Mordecai. Domniel took some thinking, but I’m going with Oded Fehr. And I’m going to throw in Lucifer because thinking about all these guys has put me in a good headspace right now. Lucifer. *long, deep breath* Paul Bettany. *nods head* You’re welcome.

With Oded Fehr you got me hooked ;-) lol

How long have you both been writing and what was the first thing you can remember writing?

I’ve been writing for what seems like forever. I started with poetry in middle school, and gradually worked my way into fiction.

Where do you see yourselves as writers in 5 years?

Hopefully with a really long backlist and a giant grin on my face.

Is there anyone who inspires your work?

I’m heavily inspired by my author friends and their creativity. I love hearing about their projects and where their minds are going. It helps to get my brain working as well. To name a few: Lorecia Goings, of course. Trish M. Dawson, Caroline F. Levy, Lindsay Avalon, K.S. Haigwood, and Miranda Stork. 

What projects are you working on now?

Currently, I am working on the second book in my In Blood paranormal romance series, and an action-oriented dystopian novel. I’m also getting ready to start tackling the next Fallen book with Lori. Busy, busy. 

And finally back to Lucius, in two sentences sell us the book. 

A group of fallen angels are slaying demons in order to reclaim their places in Heaven. One of them falls in love along the way and discovers that he’s exactly where he needs to be.