Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Countdown to Valentine's Day! With Mary Middleton!

Countdown to Valentine's Day!  

One day to go and have we got a treat for you!

A Valentine's Day Gift for You - Day three - by Mary Middleton.

It is day three of the giveaway and once again thank you to Karen Aminadra for letting me join in her Countdown to Valentine's Day. Tomorrow Come, Dance With Me will be FREE for your Kindle, PLUS the person who leaves the best comment on my blog will receive a free signed paperback copy.  

Excerpt number three is below. Andrei and Sasha are alone in his apartment ...

A short pause in the music, and then a new track began, a strain of The Blue Danube spreading about the room. Sasha stilled and put down her glass. ‘I love this,’ she whispered, ‘it reminds me of my dad.’
‘I love it too.’
And then Andrei was on his feet beside her, holding out his hand. ‘Come,’ he begged, ‘dance with me.’
Sasha’s mouth fell open. Andrei Kovalevsky was asking her to dance …and she had two left feet.
She turned very warm and her cheeks flamed as she looked down, twisting her fingers in her lap. She shook her head. ‘I- I can’t dance.’
‘Sure you can. Anyone can dance with me. Come, I will guide you.’
The tingle when he touched her fingers travelled up her arm, into her body making her breasts quiver. She felt as if she was in a sort of dream as she was pulled, against her will, to her feet. She stumbled from her seat and followed him to an expanse of polished wooden floor beside a grand piano.
It was a waltz. He eased her toward him, positioned her body firmly against his, then he slipped an arm about her waist, took her hand in his. Sasha had spent her teenage years dreaming of this moment. Her eyes were level with his neck. Instead of making a fool of herself dancing, she longed instead to press her lips against his skin and taste his sweetness. For all she knew, she was probably no good at sex either but at least in bed she could lay passively beneath him while he exercised his famous sexual prowess upon her. On the dance floor there was nothing she could do to disguise her incompetence.
But he was swaying, moving her in the steps of a dance she did not know.
‘Feel the music,’ he whispered, his lips brushing her ear. ‘Feel it in your heart, flowing in your blood and once you grasp it, relax and let yourself go with it.’
She had to trust him but it was hard to concentrate when she was in his arms, the hardness of his body tight against hers, forcing her to move in ways she had never moved before. 
The Blue Danube played on and after a while, as her mind filled with his music, she began to enjoy it. She felt the melody was being played on her heartstrings, the beat pulsing with the blood in her veins.
Andrei’s palm was firm beneath her fingers, the muscles of his back undulating beneath her other hand. She wanted to run her fingers over him, slide them inside his shirt, tear open the buttons and stroke the smoothness of his skin and welcome whatever it was that came next.
They danced for a long time. When her steps faltered, he caught her close to prevent her from stumbling and, thereafter, held her more securely, until they were pressed so close that she was sure he would feel the erratic beating of her heart.  She was drunk but, on some subconscious level, she knew that I wasn’t just the champagne making her want to weep and cling on to this moment for the rest of her life.
Her head was so dizzy that she was unaware when they stopped dancing for the room continued to spin. She felt so light it was as if they floated a little way above the floor. She blinked up at him and when he reached beneath her hair and cradled her skull firmly in his big, steady hands, she relaxed fully, closing her eyes and waiting for his lips.

Oooh,  you naughty girl Sasha! 

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