Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Valentine's Day Gift for you - Day two - by Mary Middleton

A Valentine's Day Gift for you - Day two - by Mary Middleton

As promised here is the excerpt from my book Come, Dance With Me.  At the bottom you'll find out how you can enter the giveaway tomorrow! ~ Mary.

Come, Dance With Me - the protagonists meet for the first time when Sasha interviews Andrei for her television show.

The studio lights came on. He stalked across the stage and sprawled in the empty chair, tossing the camera a smile destined to send all the women in England swooning to their knees. One flash of his perfect teeth, the glint of his dark, sexy eyes and the applause of the live audience grew to deafening proportions.  Crossing his long, lean, leather-clad legs, he swivelled in his chair to greet the presenter.
He blinked. The blinding studio lights made a halo around her hair and, as her face came slowly into full focus, Andrei forgot his determination to be disobliging. She was smiling, her pink lips stretched wide, her thick lashed eyes set wide apart, skin glowing, hair writhing in vibrant snakes about the prettiest face he had ever seen.   Her eyes met his and it was as if a hot knife had been thrust into his chest, where his heart used to be.

He swallowed, leaned into her welcome and she took his hand.  Her palms were warm, slightly moist but pleasantly so. She continued speaking, her lips moving; he glimpsed the pink tip of her tongue and his attention lingered on her mouth, waiting to see it again, wondering how soft her lips were, how they would taste.  
At first, he heard only the music of her voice, the sense of her speech falling on his ears in a confused jumble. He answered wildly, hoping that somehow his instincts would take over and see him through. As her voice continued, his eyes left her wonderful face to trickle down her luxuriant neck, resting for a moment on her full, red clad breasts before travelling to her slim waist, and journeying along her lengthy, slender legs.
‘When did you first learn to dance, Mr Kovalevsky?’
He jerked his head, fumbling for his senses, blinking into lights that were no more dazzling than his hostess.  He moistened his lips, cleared his throat, wrenching his attention back to the matter in hand. Andrei tugged at his tie, pulling himself together but his voice when it came was hoarse as if he needed a drink.
‘Oh, I was a boy. M-my mother is a great lover of the dance and she showed me …just the rudimentary steps. Later, I took lessons and …it all took off from there really.’
‘Then the world owes your mother a lot, Mr Kovalevsky. We all loved you in last season’s Celebrity Dance. I’ve followed your career for a long time and I for one was gutted when you only came second. Tell me, just how important is it for you to win? How determined are you to lift that Celebrity Dance trophy?’
She was warming to the interview now. He raised his head and looked into her bright eyes. It was like staring at the sun; uncomfortable, dangerous but somehow compelling.  He blinked and swallowed, a muscle in his jaw tensing as he ran a hand through his hair, sending a ripple of delight through the largely female audience.
‘Oh, you can rest assured, Miss Johnson, I don’t care how long it takes but I will not rest until I have won it.’

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