Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm weird and proud of it!

A very good friend of mine sent me the below image with a message saying that most of her best friends are weird.

However, this got me thinking.  Writers are weird.  We lock ourselves away for hours, days, weeks, or even months at a time, and are often heard screaming abuse at the computer or the dreaded spell-checker.  We all have imaginary friends, we all talk to ourselves; either having conversations with our characters or acting out the conversations they are having between themselves.  We also have a tendency to stare at people in public and watch what they are doing with intense interest.  Rest assured that this isn't out of malice, but writer's curiosity.  We find people and what they do fascinating - we need to get our fodder for the next book from somewhere!
Writers also have a suspicious looking internet history.  I know that when I was researching Relative Deceit I had to look up laudanum and poisons that were undetectable or were so in 1912.  In some of my other 'works in progress' I've had to research in great detail some appalling crimes that would make your hair curl.
It's no wonder that we're weird... it's our job to be so!
So, be patient with your writer friends, they aren't just weird, they're working ;-)
And be careful what you do around us or you might end up in a novel!