Thursday, 10 January 2013

Work in progress!

Hello all!  I hope your year is beginning well and that you're all sticking to your resolutions, if you made them!

You will be pleased to know that I have bowed to pressure and the voices in my head and the sequel to Charlotte ~ Pride & Prejudice Continues is under way!

This one is not about Charlotte Collins but moves to the inimitable Grande Dame of Rosings Park, Lady Catherine de Bourgh and her daughter Anne.
I would love to have your feedback and comments on Pride & Prejudice Continues Book Two, as many of you have mentioned things that you'd like me to continue and expand upon.

To whet your appetites I have a snippet for you to enjoy!  I look forward to hearing what you think!

Take care,
Karen xxx

Anne ran to her room, slammed her door shut and immediately regretted it. She was not one for fits of temper, but her mother had severely riled her that morning.  She had been presented with a list of men who would be invited to stay at Rosings and had been told that she must choose and persuade one of them to marry her. How could her mother be so cruel?  Did she care nothing for her daughter’s future happiness?  Anne was determined that she would not marry any of the men on her mother’s list and her mother was determined that she would.  Anne knew that she would eventually have no say in the matter.  She would not be permitted to marry for love but for rank or for money.  She also knew that the home she had known and loved for all of her life would be handed over to her husband, by law, as soon as she signed her name on the register.  He would then be able to do as he pleased with her, her fortune, land and house.  The very thought frightened her and made her sick to her stomach.  She retched and thankfully managed not lose her breakfast, and then sank to her knees sobbing bitterly.