Tuesday, 24 July 2012

4 Star Review of Charlotte from Candy Morton

4 Stars for Charlotte!

Lovely, lovely story! I found this story to be quite charming! I felt for the most part it stayed true to Jane Austen.

I know this book is about Charlotte, but could it be that I actually came to like, yes, like Mr. Collins! I did not think that was possible, but I did! (I cannot say love and Mr. Collins in the same sentence!)

Poor Charlotte finds herself regretting marrying Mr. Collins. She is bitter; she just wants to stay home and be left alone. The intimacies of marriage and the high-and-mighty Lady Catherine are more than she can bear. She finds herself in trouble for going shopping at a milliner not approved by Lady Catherine. Her punishment is being ostracized from Lady C’s company! (Terrible, I know!) That allows her more freedom and she enjoys life more. She becomes dear friends with Miss Thomas. She even becomes closer to Colonel Fitzwilliam, which leads to other complications!

During this time, Mr. Collins starts seeing the value in Charlotte. He also begins to see how ridiculous of a man he is, fawning and simpering to Lady Catherine, he now realizes how overbearing she is. His love for Charlotte grows, but is it too late?

I liked the side story with Miss Thomas and Mr. Simmons! They both have suffered a great deal from Lady Catherine’s dictatorial nature.

I was so happy to see Elizabeth and Darcy come to help Charlotte during a moment of crisis! And loved it when Lady Catherine bursts in on them demanding to know why they are there!

I enjoyed this story very much! I was surprised to see how much my opinions changed about some of my favorite characters and my not so favorite characters. I can’t wait to read Karen’s next story!

I give this 4 out of 5 stars.

I was provided a copy by the author for review.

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