Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Review of CHARLOTTE from Jakki Leatherberry

Review: Charlotte by Karen Aminadra

In Pride and Prejudice, Austen leaves writers with a surplus of avenues for variations and continuations. Debut author Karen Aminadra explores one of the roads less travelled in Charlotte~ Pride and Prejudice Continues in which we discover what married life was really like for Mr. & Mrs. Collins.
Austen’s odious and obsequious Mr. Collins is on full display, his self-importance often irritating me. About halfway through the book though, Mr. Collins slowly begins to change, noticing Charlotte’s worth, and the fact that Lady Catherine might not always know best.
With proper encouragement from her new friends, the Abbots and the Misses Thomas, Charlotte is able to stand her ground against not only her husband, but also Lady Catherine. I welcomedCharlotte’s newfound fortitude. However, this causes much tension in their marriage and is one of the major obstacles the couple needs to overcome in order to find true happiness, and possibly love. But will the demanding Lady Catherine stand for this?
We know Charlotte didn’t marry for love, but what happens if she begins having feelings for another man, Colonel Fitzwilliam? Though there are behaviors on both parts I didn’t care for, and this portrayal of Colonel Fitzwilliam was far from my favorite, I did appreciate the author’s realistic depiction of the thoughts, actions, and internal struggles of a confused and unhappy couple.
Towards the end, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy make an appearance. It is here where the greatest change takes place in the Collinses’ lives. Even though Mr. Collins irritated me for a good portion of the book, I found his and Charlotte’s interactions towards the end delightful, fun, and awe-inspiring.
Despite a tiresome beginning, the book ends on a positive note, and ties up any loose ends. By the time I got to the epilogue, I was enjoying the changes in both Mr. Collins and Charlotte.
For those desiring to see a changed Mr. Collins, or learn how a couple who didn’t marry for love manages to fall in love, grab a copy of Charlotte!