Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review for Charlotte from Victoria Le-fort

Charlotte ~ Pride & Prejudice Continues by Karen Aminadra.

The first novel from a self-confessed Austenite promises much.  An unconventional love story much in the vein of Jane Austen herself.
Charlotte is the story of Lizzy’s friend who married the cast off Mr Collins, a sequel to Pride & Prejudice.  Convinced she has to make the best of her marriage, Charlotte is a make do and mend kind of woman, who never believed she would attain her deepest desire, to fall in love.
Her husband, the pityful and fawning Mr Collins, is far too obsessed with his patron, Lady de Bourgh, to realise what he truly should be grateful for.  And into this mix comes the dangerous and smouldering Colonel Fitzwilliam.
Conflicts, desire and a truly historical delight with real attention to detail go to show this first novel has a real feel for the period and I do believe Miss Austen herself would not disapprove.
Victoria Le-fort
April 2012