Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My review of Mohawk Moon by N. Kuhn

Mohawk moon is a contemporary tale – a mixture of crime, passion and the beliefs of the Native American Mohawks. The Native American element to this book was interesting, adding a touch of the supernatural to the suspense that the writer weaved throughout this tale.
Mohawk moon is a sad tale in essence; there is a lot of deep hurt throughout for all the characters. It’s a story of broken hearts, honour, and betrayal, with a great deal of passion thrown in.
The heroine, Jany, is a hard-as-nails woman. Her life wasn’t easy and she made very hard choices to remove herself from very bad situation, however, while she was absent that situation grew worse and she was forced to return home and face facts. That is where the tale begins.
The hero, Damien, is an interesting guy – he begins this story as the anti-hero but … well you’ll see what happens with this steamy character. These characters are good but I was left wishing to know a little more about them, I’d love them to be deeper.
The plot builds up to a climax with a lot of aggression spent along the way. The ending was nice and romantic, and the author has left it wide open (as you will see when you read it) for a sequel. I am glad of that, as this will make a great series and together will make a wonderful long read. It was too short unfortunately and I personally would have loved it to go on for longer.
N. Kuhn’s style of writing is different from that which I usually read, and although it was a challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone, I enjoyed the experience. While the story is nice and interesting, I do feel that with a professional copy-edit and some rewriting it could be wonderful. All in all, a lovely first book from N. Kuhn, and I look forward to more from her in the future. I am glad I read this and will read the second in this series when it comes out.

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