Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My review of Betrayal by Michele Kallio

Carefully Written – Skilfully Crafted

Since writing this review Michele's book has won a B.R.A.G Medallion Award!

Betrayal is a nice long book and rightfully so. Michele has given plenty for a reader to get their teeth into. Betrayal is so carefully written and skilfully crafted that it will go down in my memory as one of the best books I have ever read.
Michele has a great way of making you feel as though you are feeling intuitively about her characters. Usually a writer drops clues or breadcrumbs to follow, and we build up a picture of the character, however, Michele connected with me intuitively and I thoroughly enjoyed that experience. For me that was a first and it was fascinating. Her characterisations are truly wonderful, there are plenty of them to love, and there are those you also want to slap!
This is probably the first book from a Canadian that I have read. I have learnt so much just from this one book. Although I still cannot get my head round the Maine accent. It makes me laugh, I need to go there and hear it first hand I think.
Michele clearly has done her research too. She is fully acquainted with the history within her novel, and it seems the personality traits of the people she has included in there too. Another thing I personally loved is that Michele also knows England. It would be too easy to gloss over that and generalise, but as a Brit I appreciate her attention to detail, it makes the places she writes about come to life.
From the beginning, the heroine is dealing with a rather delicate and nasty problem, and it was not long before I was engaged enough and interested enough to want to find out more.
The boyfriend had me against him at the beginning, he was a little too sneaky! Even though I could not put my finger on it or explain it at all, I was left with a feeling of dislike and distrust of him. I wanted to read on and see if my ‘intuition’ about him was right.
I love the changes through time, they are handled very well, and I connected instantly with both worlds as Michele transported me from one century to another, and there was no shell-shock from being transported through time either. Very well handled indeed.
The feeling of foreboding and danger for Elisabeth grew steadily with each page in the past so that the book turned out to be a real page-turner.
My curiosity about Lydia’s dreams grew as they also grew in intensity in the book. My suspicions and brow furrowed more deeply over Dan’s reactions. I was as curious about him as Alan Stokes was!
I actually found myself thinking about poor Lydia from time to time during the day while I was working and could not wait for my day to end so that I could curl up and read it!
The ending is lovely, it is a great and satisfying conclusion, and brings together of all the threads that Michele has woven into her story.
There is however, one question still left unanswered, but as I have discovered Michele is writing a sequel so I am sure all will be revealed then.

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