Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My 5 Star review of Laiden's Daughter by Suzan Tisdale

5 Stars for Laiden's Daughter

Right from the get-go, the book was fast paced, which continues throughout. Within a few pages, my sympathies for Aishlinn were engaged and I wanted the best outcome for her.
The Author has used her skill with words well, without being verbose and trying to impress the reader with her knowledge.
The Author has done her research well, knows the lands, people, and language within the book and it shows. The Author is American but has easily made the transformation so that there is nothing that grates on a Brit’s ears and there are no Americanisms that have us heading off to google.
The romantic tension is very well written, both of them are respectful, and it is pleasingly realistic.
I laughed aloud on occasion and I actually cried over Aishlinn. In fact, I am amazed at how much I laughed and cried over this novel. The emotional scenes were very well written and touching.
This book is excellent, very engaging and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

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