Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Do you find writing a review daunting too?

I like to show an author that I liked or loved their book by writing a review, but I admit, sometimes I find it difficult to do.
I personally don’t write negative reviews. That’s just nasty. Unless I have constructive criticism – remember there’s a HUGE difference between constructive and destructive – then I just put the book aside. If I have something constructive to say, I’ll email the author privately. I personally do not want to be to blame for a drop in that author’s sales over what might be something really small, and easily changed – like typos!

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Show love for your favourite author and write them an Amazon review… but how? I hear you ask!
That seems to be the biggest stumbling block for readers. Once we’ve read a book and loved it, we think “yes I am going to review it!” But then we’re faced with that blank screen, and the same thing happens to our mind… it goes blank!
So how can we fix that?
Well, I have a few suggestions. Below I have written a few questions that we can use as a template for a review. Then underneath that, I will use the questions to write a sample review.
Sounds easy, right? Well let’s see...

Is this the genre that you normally read?
What drew you to the book? Was it the cover?
What did you like most about it? 
Did the book make you laugh, cry, etc?
Were you suspicious of or hate any of the characters?
Did you like or love any of the characters?
Were you satisfied with the conclusion of the story?
If you were, then why?
If you weren’t, then why not?
Could you guess or anticipate the ending? 
Did that add or detract from your enjoyment of the story?
Would you recommend this book to anyone?
Would you read another book by this author?

Ok, that all seems simple enough. So, let me try and write a review using those questions.

This is not the genre that I usually read but my husband loves this kind of book, so I thought I’d give it a try. I particularly liked the cover, it’s bold and I was attracted to this book because of it. 
I really enjoyed how the characters came to life, I was transported from my very busy life into A.N. Author’s world. The story was well written and made me cry, it was so powerful and scary that I slept with the light on one night.
I knew that X was the killer, I just hated him from the beginning and I found myself shouting at Y to get away from him. I loved the ending, it was satisfying and I am glad X got his comeuppance. Although I think A.N. Author left it open for a sequel, I really hope so!
I loved this book and now my husband is reading it. I will certainly buy more from A.N. Author in the future.

So, not a bad review. Not brilliant either, I didn’t answer all the questions, but I know, as an author, I would still love a review like this!

Now, let me try a few questions about my own book Charlotte ~ Pride & Prejudice Continues. (Of course, I won’t add any spoilers!) 

Had you ever wondered what life was like for Charlotte?
Have you ever read a Pride & Prejudice continuation?
Why did you buy this book?
What did you like most about it?
Did your opinion of Mr Collins change?
Would you have liked Charlotte and Col. Fitzwilliam to have run-off together?
What did you think about Lady Catherine?
Would you have liked to have seen her change?
Would you like to see a sequel to Charlotte? 
If yes, what would you like to see happen?

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I had often wondered what life was like for Charlotte after she married Mr Collins. He’s not exactly great husband material, and she had to live next to Lady Catherine too!
I have read many P&P continuations before and I love them. So, when I saw a new author had come onto the scene I jumped at the opportunity to read her book. 
I loved how Mr and Mrs Collins grew in the story. I was very surprised to discover I actually liked Mr Collins in the end. I was glad that Charlotte didn’t go too far with her paramour and saw the light in the end.
Lady Catherine was awful in this book, I really wished to slap her more than once. I hope Karen Aminadra writes a follow-up and Lady C gets her just desserts!
I loved this book and can’t wait to read more from Karen Aminadra.

Again, not bad! I’d be pleased to see that on Amazon!

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I hope I’ve helped to make it a little easier to write a review. I know we authors LOVE to hear from our readers!

I hope to hear from YOU soon!