Tuesday, 24 July 2012

5 Star Review for Charlotte from Suzan Tisdale

5 Stars for Charlotte

I believe I must qualify my review my saying it has been decades since I’ve read Pride and Prejudice. I must also admit that I remember very little of it.
With that said the following is my review of Charlotte — Pride and Prejudice Continues.
This is an absolutely charming and delightful read! I easily give it five stars, two thumbs up and a gold star! It is very well written.
Ms. Aminadra has done a very fine job of carefully allowing her characters – Mr. Collins and Charlotte- to grow not only as two independent individuals but also as man and wife. The progression of two people who barely knew each other to two individuals who loved each other dearly was sweet as well as exciting and believable!
I found myself talking out loud and rooting for not only Charlotte and William, but for Louisa and her long lost love as well! In my mind, that is a sign of a very good book; when you find yourself talking out loud to the characters.
Superbly written, charming, and the story moves along at a perfect pace that keeps you interested and wanting more.  Without spoiling anything, it does have a very happy ending-and that is my only complaint: it ended too soon–I wanted to keep reading more about these characters. ;o)

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